Tamires Mulata Carioca46328

  • 1 hora
  • 180
  • 200
  • 2 horas
  • 230
  • 250
  • toda la noche
  • no
  • 400
  • Edad – 29
  • Altura – 175
  • Peso – 61
Hello dear , I am here to be your “temporary “ girlfriend or if u really enjoy the experience, why not to become friends with benefits? I am not an escort , I am a lady that envoy life and enjoy sex, cultures and enjoy meeting new people. My name is Tamires and I can provide u a very fun , causal and unforgettable date that u would never had with a real woman . I am intelligent , well educated , a woman that traveled all over the world and I can offer u much more than sex, I can offer u my experience and my smart brain to follow u in a good conversation , to exchange experiences about life , art, music , travels whatever u want and with me , u can avoid some “imature girls” on this city. I speak portuguese, Italian and my English is more than perfect cause I lived in USA, so we can have good conversations like in any normal date. I like things to flow naturally, to let both of us comfortable with each other . That is why I prefer to know u better before our meeting , to know who u are , what do u like in life and how is your life style. As I told u in the begging, I am a lady not a silly girl, so we can have a nice dinner in any place that suits u ( I am very discreet and for sure , I would not embarrass u cause I have a good reputation in my other job , so I keep our meeting as we knew each other for long years )or meet for drinks , for theatre, beach or let u know u more about my city and we can do some tourism together . Whatever u want , I am in . U also can send me an email : [email protected] in order to explain what exactly u have in mind for our meeting . U can write about yourself too, where would u like to stay in Rio, your hobbies, anything u would like to , I will reply u as soon as possible . To be sure that the pictures are really real, ask the girl to show her face and body through the WhatsApp video call, if she avoids it, for sure the picture is not real or se lies about something . I can send u more pictures and video calls if u want. I have a lot of friends that had serious problems with some “fake girlfriends experience “ in Rio de Janeiro , they also put some website to make u believe that they are serious . Be aware, some of them are really trouble makers , specially in Copacabana . Some of them tell u they are independent and most of them are liars. I can show u my real id, if it let u more comfortable too, I have nothing to hide . Honestly is the best deal ! See u soon, and If I don’t pick up the phone quickly, maybe I am at the university or working at my other real job . If u prefer , send me a WhatsApp message , the phone is on my pocket all the time . I am pleased to see u on my profile ! Kisses Tamires ‭Call me directly ? Also accept cards

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Tamires Mulata Carioca
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